Dr. Eng. Didier El Baz (HDR)

Vice-Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC)

2023 Outstanding Contributions Award,
IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC)
for contributions on outstanding leadership and services on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing.

  • Presentation PPT

    "Some of the work done in France in those days was truly visionnary."
  • Iterative methods for linear systems of equations: A brief historical journey,
    75 Years of Mathematics of Computation, C. Brenner et al. editors, Contemporary Mathematics, AMS, 754, page 7, 2020.
    Professor Yousef Saad
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

    room: E28
    7, avenue du Colonel Roche
    31031, Toulouse Cedex 4
    tel: 33 5 61 33 63 03
    fax: 33 5 61 33 64 11
    E-mail address:

    Member IEEE, Euromicro.
    Co-head of the Laboratory of Information Security of Cyber-physical Systems, 2017-2021.
    Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
    ITMO University
    Kronverksky prospect 49, St Petersburg 197101 Russian Federation.
    Head and founder of the Distributed Computing and Asynchronism team 2007-2019 (CDA)
    NVIDIA Corporation support, July 2014.
    NVIDIA Academic Partnership, October 2010.
    H.D.R. INP Toulouse, 1998.
    CNRS research scientist (LAAS-CNRS) since 1985.
    MIT visiting scientist (INRIA grant): march 1984-february 1985 (LIDS);
       MIT report P-1417 (SIAM J. on Control and Optimization).
       Special Summer Program in Data Communication Networks (MIT, 1984).
    Dr. Eng. degree in Control Theory, INSA Toulouse, 1984.
    Eng. degree in Electrical Engineering INSA Toulouse, 1981.

    Recent projects:

    1. Project BigGraphs, Labex CIMI 2020-2023.
    2. Information security of cyber-physical systems, International Laboratory, ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2017-2021.
    3. PHC Tassili 40160QB: BiGreen, Algorithmes de grands graphes de données sur architecture distribuées ; application au service d'une ville verte, 2018-2020.
    4. Financement Région Occitanie et Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées : DIMSCALE3D, Détection et imagerie des masses d'eau à l'échelle des bassins et de la subsurface par calcul haute performance et inversion conjointe de données sismiques et potentielles, 2018-2021.
    5. CIFRE funding R.Tech: 2013-2016.
    6. Partner of Project ANR: Smart-Blocks, ANR-2011-BS03-005 (Femto-ST, LAAS-CNRS, LIMMS), 2011 - 2015.
    7. NVIDIA Academic Partnership and Support, Octobre 2010, September 2014.
    8. Coordinator of Project ANR CIS CIP, ANR-07-CIS7-011(EMD, IRIT-ENSEEIHT, LAAS-CNRS, MIS, LIFC), 2008-2011.
    9. Partner of Project ANR PSIROB: Smart-Surface, ANR 06 ROBO 0009 (Femto-ST, InESS, LAAS-CNRS, LIFC, LIMMS). 2007 - 2010.

    Organization of research:

      Cofounder of the Working Group Knapsack and Optimization, KSO, of ROADEF.


    International Laboratory Information security of cyber-physical systems, Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University), St. Petersburg, Russia , Professor Igor Kotenko, 2017-2021.

    CERIST, Algiers (Algeria) PHP Tassili, Professor Ahcène Bendjoudi
    Project: Algorithms for big graphs on distributed memory architectures,
    Application to green city, 2018-2020.

    University of Science and Technology, Beijing (China) Professor Huansheng Ning. International Collaboration Bilatéral Contrat;
    on IOT, cyberphysical systems and distributed systems, December 2, 2013-2021.

    University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey (Mexico), Professor Vincent Boyer, 2007-2022.

    University of Picardie (France), Professor Mhand Hifi, Toufik Saadi, 2008-2016.

    Femto-st (Montbeliard) : Professor Julien Bourgeois, 2008-2016.

    NICTA, University of Sidney (Aus), Professor Guillaume Jourjon, 2010-2011.

    I.A.C.S., University of Wuppertal (Ger), Professor Andreas Frommer, 2005-2006.

    P.A.R.C., Loughborough University of Technology (G.B.), Professor David J. Evans, 1990-1992.

    L.I.D.S., M.I.T. (U.S.A.), Professor Dimitri P. Bertsekas, 1984-1985.

    Recent editorial activities:

    Steering Committees and Award Comittees:

    • Member of Award Committee for Excellence in Scalable Computing for Early-career Researchers, Mid-career Researchers and Outstanding Ph.D Thesis since August 2016.
    • Member of the Steering Committee of IEEE ScalCom since 2016.
    • Member of the Steering Committee of IEEE SmartWorld since 2016.
    • Member of the Steering Committee of IEEE iThings since 2013.
    • Member of the Steering Committee of PDP since 2009.

    Program Chairman, General Chairman of Conferences:

    Workshops Chairman:



    Publications : 

       list of publications,

    h index: 25, i10 index: 53, papers quoted 715 times since 2017 (source: Google Scholar), g index 40.
    h index Scopus: 19.

    Recent Keynote Speeches

    • PDP 2017, St Petersburg Russia, March 6-8, 2017; Challenges in Computing Accelerators and the Internet of Things.
    • ParCo 2017, Bologne Italy, September 12-15, 2017; High Performance Issues Related to the Internet of Thing and Smart Earth.

    Research Activities (selected papers)

      Computer Science    
        Parallel computing, distributed computing
          Parallel algorithms and computing accelerators: GPU and Intel Xeon Phi
             Monte-Carlo numerical simulation: International Journal of Parallel Programming 2017, ScalCom 2016, SASV 2015.
             Scheduling problems: Future Generation Computer Systems 2020, JPDC 2019, JPDC 2018,
                                                   Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2019, IEEE/ACIS SNPD 2018, IPDPSW PCO 2018, POMCO 2016, IPDPSW PCO 2016.
             Planning problems: Journal of Supercomputing 2021.
             Knapsack problems: Advances in GPU Research and Practice 2017, Computers & Operations Research 2012, IPDPS 2013,
                                                  IPDPS 2012, PDP2012, PDP2011, ROADEF 2010a.
             Neural networks training: IPDPSW PDCO 2017.
             Linear programming: HPCC2011, IPDPSW 2011.
             Graphs: The Journal of Supercomputing 2023.
          Grid computing and peer-to-peer computing
             Boundary value problems: Concurrency and Computation 2020, PDP 2018, PDP 2014, IEEE CSE 2012,
                                                           Grand Colloque STIC2012, IPDPSW 2011, IPDPSW 2011,
                                                           HotP2P 2010, GENI Engineering Conference Duke U. 2010, STIC 2010.
             Optimization: Cologne Twente Workshop 2012, PDP2010, RenPar 2009, Ter@tec 09, PDP 2005.
          Load balancing: PDP 2006, JPDC 2005, Rapport LAAS 04554, PARCO 2001.
          Distributed Computing: IPDPSW PCO 2014 , MECHATRONICS 2012 , iThings 2013, dMEMS 2011.
          Performance Prediction : HPCC 2012, HOTP2P 2011.
          Asynchronous parallel or distributed iterative algorithms, asynchronous iterations with order intervals: HDR 98, slides, PhD thesis.
             Design, mathematical models, convergence study: Comput Appl. Math. 2005MOC 1998, JPDC 1996, PARCO 1993,
                                                                                                   SIAM J. Numeric. Anal. 1990, SIAM J. Control and Optimization 1987.
             Stopping criteria, distributed convergence detection, termination: JCAM 2008, GEI 2005, INT. MATH. Journ. 2002, JSS 2002,
                                                                                                                              JPDC 1996, PAA 1996, PDCS 1996.
             Round off errors study: I.M.A. Journ Numeric. Anal. 2005, ETNA 2002.
             Implementation:  IBM SP, Cray T3E, SMP, clusters: JPDC 2007, PDP 2007, PDP 2003, PDPTA 2000, Calc. Parall. 1998,
                                                                                                        PARCO 1997, Calc. Parall. 1996.
         Cyber-physical systems, smart systems: Mechatronics 2019, ZTE Communications 2015 , IEEE Cloud Computing 2015 ,
                                                                              IIKI 2014 , IPDPSW PCO 2014 , Mechatronics 2012 , dMEMS 2010.
                                                                              Keynote ParCo 2017, IOS Press .
         Security: JoWUA 2019, IDAACS 2017,      

      Applied Mathematics
         Discrete Mathematics, Integer programming
           Knapsack problems
              Sequential methods, heuristics, exact methods, constraint rotation.
                Multidimensional knapsack problem: EJIE 2010, EJIE 2009, EJOR 2009 , MOSIM08, ROADEF 2008.
                Knapsack sharing problem: CIE2011, CIE39.
                Multiple knapsack problem: IJMOR2012, ROADEF 2010c.
                Problems with equality constraints: ROADEF 2005.
              Parallel methods: iThings 2013, PDP 2006, JPDC 2005, PARCO 2001.
                                             Advances in GPU Research and Practice 2017, Computers & Operations Research 2012, IPDPS 2013, IPDPS 2012,
                                             PDP2012, PDP2011,
           Scheduling problems: POMCO 2016, IPDPSW PCO 2016.
           Planning problems, Artificial Intelligence : Sustainability 2022; Journal of Supercomputing 2021; Healthcare 2021;
                                                                                     IPDPSW 2022; IM & CTCPA 2018; IM & CTCPA 2017; IPDPSW 2017; Workshop LAAS March 7, 2017;
         Continuous Problems
           Nonlinear optimization
             Network flow problems
                Relaxation methods: SIAM J. Control and Optimization 1987.
                Gradient type methods: JPDC 1996, COAP 1996.
                Newton multi splitting methods: IPDPSW PCO 2015,
                Optimal routing: Parall. Comput. 1992, IFIP SMO 1991.
           Boundary value problems
                Nonlinear diffusion problems: Numer. Alg. 2003, MOC 1998, 8-th Int. Col. Diff. Equ. 1997.
                Convection-diffusion problems: SC09, JPDC 2007, PDP 2003.
                Obstacle problem: Concurrency and Computation 2020, PDP 2018, PDP 2014, IEEE CSE 2012, IPDPSW 2011, HotP2P 2011, HotP2P 2010, Calculateurs Par. 2001.
                Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman problem: MOC 1998.
           Control theory: JSS 2002.
           Markov systems: NSMC 1999, CDC 1994.
           Graphs: The Journal of Supercomputing 2023.

    Some Ph.D. students:

    K. Asfour, Simulation numérique, géophysique, parallélisme, 2021;
    J. Luo, Scheduling, parallel computing, GPU computing ; IEEE Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis award 2020 in Scalable Computing
    B. Fakih, Numerical Simulation, Planning, Grid computing, 2018.
    L. Zhu, Distributed autonomous robots, 2018.
    B. Plazolles, Monte Carlo simulation, GPU Computing, Intel Xeon Phi, 2017
    M. E. Lalami: combinatorial optimisation, 2012, GPU computing (thesis)
    T. T. Nguyen: P2P HPC computing, 2011, (thesis)
    V. Boyer: integer programming, 2007, (thesis).
    M. Jarraya:  parallel computing, 2000, (thesis, slides).
    D. Gazen: parallel computing, 1998, (thesis).

    Teaching activities:

    China University of Geosciences Beijing, 16 lectures: Introduction to High Performance Computing, 2017.
    University of Sciences and Technology, Beijing China, 32 lectures: Introduction to High Performance Computing, 2015-2019.
    and 16 lectures: Introduction to Distributed Systems, 2017.
    University of Sciences and Technologies Houari Boumediene, Algiers Algéria, lectures: Introduction to Parallel Computing, 2016.
    Sichuan University, Chengdu China, 16 lectures: Introduction to High Performance Computing, 2016.




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