Davide Bicego - Ph.D. student


Hi, I'm Davide !

You can download the updated version of my CV from here.

I was born in Arzignano (Vicenza, Italy), close to Montecchio Maggiore, i.e., the town of Romeo and Juliet castles. I received the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Information Engineering (2013) and the Master of Science (MSc) degree in Automation Engineering (2016) from University of Padova (Pavova, Italy). In 2015-2016, I visited LAAS-CNRS (Toulouse, France) for six months, where I developed my MSc thesis entitled ``Design, Modeling and Control of a Redundantly Actuated Aerial Robot'' under the supervision of Dr. Antonio Franchi, Dr. Markus Ryll and Dr. Ruggero Carli. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at LAAS-CNRS in the Robotics and InteractionS (RIS) group, under the supervision of Antonio Franchi. My Ph.D. thesis, entitled ``Design and Control of Multi-Directional Thrust Multi-Rotor Aerial Vehicles with applications to Aerial Physical Interaction Tasks'', is carried out within the scope of the European H2020 project AeroArms.

My actual research addresses the study of autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AVs) actively interacting with the surrounding environment, with particular attention to the development of modeling and design techniques, and suitable control strategies for these systems.

In the recent research field of aerial physical interaction, the goal is to go beyond applications of pure and sole sensing, in order to accomplish challenging tasks that involve the exchange of forces and moments with the external environment like, e.g., pushing/pulling/sliding and manipulating an object. This enables aerial vehicles to become aerial robots, in the stricter meaning of the term. Due to the intrinsic difficulty and the novelty associated with the study of these systems, new techniques are needed to: i) better describe the aerial vehicle dynamics and its actuation limits; ii) effectively design new aerial prototypes with particular properties of dexterity and resilience; iii) guarantee a stable control during contact-less operations despite the actuation limits; and iv) preserve the system stability also during the contact phase with the environment while guaranteeing the fulfillment of the sought manipulation task.

My Ph.D. thesis explores new strategies to overcome, to a certain extent, the aforementioned issues. At the design level, the simple but effective proposed solution is to orient the aerial vehicle actuators in particular ways, in order to take advantage of the Multi-Directional Thrust (MDT) force capability. The goal of my Ph.D. thesis is to contribute to a wise growth of the preliminary results on MDT Multi-Rotor Aerial Vehicles (MRAVs) laid by the state of the art and, furthermore, to the development of more suitable real aerial robotic systems with enhanced manipulation means, tailored for aerial physical interaction tasks. My Ph.D. thesis is carried out within the scope of the European H2020 project AeroArms, whose goal is to develop aerial robotic systems with advanced manipulation capabilities to be applied in industrial inspection and maintenance.

Keywords: aerial robotics, multi-directional thrust aerial vehicles, aerial manipulators, aerial physical interaction, hybrid position-force control.




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