Wireless Sensor Networks

5 RT

This cours presents the main challenges in the design and deploiement of the Wireless Sensor Networks. Wireless Sensor Networks combine current research trends from a number of different disciplines - signal processing, hardware design, communication networks, for exemple. This course give an overview of the current state-of-the art and ask to the students to analyze the  particularities of the design solution for WSN versus the classical wireless network implementation.

Architectures & CAO des systemes numeriques et mixtes

5 SE

Introduction to the Systems on Chip (SoC) and Systems on Programmable Chip (SoPC) design and learning of the VLSI design flow for mixed signal ASIC: digital– analog– RF

An introduction to the SoC and SoPC design is presented during the lectures. The design of digital ASICs and analog ASICs with extension to RF circuits and their integration on the same chip is realized during the laboratory classes.