Thomas Beluch, Aubin Lecointre, Daniela Dragomirescu, Robert Plana

The paper is focused on the design of a new reconfigurable tactical UWB impulse radio enabling indoor communication and localization for military application. The proposed system contains both a physical and a MAC (Medium Access Control) layer. It proposes to answer military needs for information sharing and for indoor localization of infantry. The physical layer is based on IR-UWB (Impulse Radio Ultra WideBand). Its goal is to ensure communication and distance evaluation between the transmitter and the receiver. IR-UWB is necessary for constraints such as low power consumption, reconfigurability, through the wall propagation, fine resolution localization, low probability of detection and interception. These advantages come from the use of a very large bandwidth with very short pulses. The digital baseband implementation of a reconfigurable IR-UWB transceiver is based on a coherent Rake receiver and on a parallel search acquisition. Its synchronization accuracy is of 0.33 ns. This enables distance evaluation with a precision of 10 cm. The MAC layer deals with the multi user access and the positioning. TDMA is used for sharing the channel between users. WiDeCS, a master-slave TOA (Time of Arrival) cross layer mechanism is implemented for time synchronization. This algorithm can also determine the Time of Flight of the IR-UWB signal due to timestamps at the physical layer. This algorithm followed by triangulation and-or angle of arrival techniques leads to 3D positioning.

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