Daniela Dragomirescu, Michael Kraemer, Mohamed Mehdi Jatlaoui, Patrick Pons, Herv Aubert, Andrew Thain, Robert Plana

The deployment of Wireless Sensors Network for Structure Health Monitoring will allow better maintenance of the aircraft and predictive diagnosis of the aircrafts in a long term approach. This paper presents our research on the design of wireless communicating nano-objects for Structure Health Monitoring in the aircrafts and the improvements bring by the nanotechnologies. The main challenges we address here are the design of ultra low power communicating circuits to enable high lifetime for the communicating nodes and their integration on flexible substrate to allow their deployment in difficult accessible places on the aircraft using conventional technologies. Other main issues are the choice of the communicating frequency which will allow a high number of communicating nodes in such a small area like the cabin of an aircraft and the choice of the network architecture.

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