• November - December 2013 - Professor Florin Udrea from University of Cambridge is invited professor in our team
Prof. Florin Udrea from University of Cambridge is invited professor in our team for two month to work on Wirelees Sensors Networks for Harsh Environments project.

University of Cambridge and LAAS-CNRS teams will work together to realize an ultra-low power wireless sensor node for Structural Health Monitoring and environmental applications. The University of Cambridge will bring its expertise on sensor design and WSN team at LAAS-CNRS on wireless communication and heterogeneous integration on flexible substrate.

Florin Udrea is a professor in semiconductor engineering and head of the High Voltage Microelectronics and Sensors Laboratory at University of Cambridge. Since October 1998, Prof. Florin Udrea has been an academic with the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK. He is currently leading a research group in power semiconductor devices and solid-state sensors that has won an international reputation during the last 20 years. Prof. Udrea has published over 300 papers in journals and international conferences. He holds more than 70 patents in power semiconductor devices and sensors. Prof. Florin Udrea co-founded three companies, Cambridge Semiconductor (Camsemi) in power ICs, Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCS) in the field of smart sensors and Cambridge Microelectronics in Power Devices. For his ‘outstanding personal contribution to Engineering’, Prof Florin Udrea was awarded the Silver Medal (2012) from Royal Academy of Engineering.

Prof. Udrea will give two invited presentations :

-On 2 December 2013 at LAAS-CNRS ( Europe room) on Low-power CMOS Microsensors and Power Devices at Cambridge University

-On 12 December 2013 at INSA Toulouse ( GEI 213 room) on Cambridge University education system, Engineering at Cambridge and the culture of spin-off: Cambridge phenomenon


  • Mai 2013- October 2013 - Fermin Esparza  from Public University of Navarre, Spain

Fermin Esparza Ph.D. student at Public University of Navarre, Spain, will join the WSN team for 6 month research stay funded by a Spanish Government grant

Fermin will start in May to the end of October 2013 and will work with us on RF circuits design, taking advantages of our team experience on this topic.


  • 2012 - Prof. Manos Tentzeris from GeorgiaTech

Prof. Manos Tentzeris from GeorgiaTech, USA is invited professor in our research group lead by Prof. Robert Plana at the CNRS invitation. Dr. Tentzeris is the Head of the A.T.H.E.N.A. Research Group and has established academic programs in Highly Integrated/Multilayer Packaging for RF and Wireless Applications using ceramic and organic flexible materials, paper-based RFID’s and sensors, inkjet-printed electronics, nanostructures for RF, wireless sensors, power scavenging and wireless power transfer, Microwave MEM's, SOP-integrated (UWB, mutliband, conformal) antennas and Adaptive Numerical Electromagnetics (FDTD, MultiResolution Algorithms). Prof. Manos Tentzeris is an IEEE Fellow and was IEEE MTT-S Distinguished Microwave Lecturer from 2010 to 2012. His main research interest are on Inkjet-Printed RF Electronics, Batteries and Sensors and "Green" and sustainable energy harvesting (e.g. RF, mechanical, thermal, UV).

Prof. Tentzeris gave an invited presentation on Wireless Sensor Network  for the Network and Telecommunication Master students at INSA Toulouse in December 2012.
  • October - November 2012 and January-February 2013 - Assoc. Prof. Cristian Ravariu - University Polytechnica of Bucarest, Romania

Assoc. Prof. Cristian Ravariu is visiting professor in our research team. His interests and research areas has started from microelectronics processes, electronic devices , SOI nanodevices and continued in the lasts years with bioelectronics, biosensors, biomimetic devices, modelling in the life sciences, electronics engineering for biomedical applications, new technologies for medical diagnosis.

The work developed with our team is focused on Wireless Sensor Networks for bio-medical application. Prof. Ravariu brings his knowledges on bio and environmental sensors and our team its knowledges on wireless communications to obtain wireless bio and environmental sensors.

  • June 2012 - Dr. Steve Galea from Defence Science and Technology Organization Australia

Dr Steve Galea , head of the Smart Structures and Advanced Diagnostics, Air Vehicles Division of the Australia  Defence Science and Technology Organization (DSTO) visit our team. Research discussion around WSN for aeronautics structures were engaged.


  • May to July 2010 - Prof. Manos Tentzeris from GeorgiaTech

Professor Manos Tentzeris from GeorgiaTech, USA was invited professor in our research group from 1st May 2010 for 3 month.

Profesor Tentzeris worked with us on WSN topic. You can visit Prof. Manos Tentzeris' Web Site 


  • October 2008 - Katia Laskin from University of Toronto, Canada

Katia Laskin -Ph.D. student of Prof. Voingescu, University of Toronto, Canada, visit our research group and work with us on the design of a 3D intégration antenna on the top of more than 90 GHz transceivers designed by Prof. Voinigescu team.


  • May 2008 - Prof. Sorin Voinigescu from University of Toronto, Canada

Professor Sorin Voinigescu from University of Toronto, Canada was invited professor in our research group in May 2008. The main research interest of Prof.voinigescu are to explore novel electronic devices, THz and photonics systems on chip(SoCs), to demonstrate their commercial viability.     You can visit Prof. Voinigescu Web Site.

The research topic Prof. Voinigescu worked with us was CMOS 60GHz design.