Involved Team Members


January, 2008 - July, 2011

Objective :

This project aims to explore the potentialities of heterogeneous integration between
RF MEMS technologies with advanced silicon based Integrated circuits (65nm CMOS)
to develop smart architectures that will be involved in many aeronautic and space
applications as advanced instrumentation, high bit rate communications or high
resolution imaging. This will be achieved through the development of innovative
architectures in the millimeterwave range and the project will propose to develop
broadband smart antennas using RF MEMS devices and circuits-ultimate silicon
based transceiver in the 100 GHz range and the heterogeneous integration to produce
a miniaturized smart module.
At material level, research will be done to develop piezoelectric actuators that will be
introduced into the smart antenna architectures. At process level, research will be
carried out to optimize the technological processes with respect to the mechanical
strain and to the dielectric charging that are two main issues limiting the RF MEMS
potential today.
At circuit level, for one hand, the project will concentrate on the development of RF
MEMS building bocks and on a reconfigurable antenna array in the 100 Ghz range
featuring high reliability behaviour. On the other hand the project will address the
design of a 100 Ghz silicon based transceiver. Finally at system level, the project will
propose to assess the heterogeneous integration of RF MEMS with integrated circuit
to realize a smart miniaturized system.

SYMIAE workshop on July 2011