The team of Master students formed by Simon Thiebaut, Kevin Le Sayec and Quentin Perret win the Digital Design National Contest organized by French Microlectronics Teaching Center (CNFM) and Xilinx Company for their project entitled " 2D Graphics Coprocessor on Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA"

       The project was developed under the supervision of Associate Professor Daniela Dragomirescu.

        The 2D graphical coprocessor allows unloading the micro-processors/micro-controller of the graphical tasks, for which the microprocessors are quick limited. This project was entirely realized in VHDL and implemented on the Nexys3 development board from DigilentInc, which contains the Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA. Among the hardware implemented acceleration functions were: management of two video plans with transparency, scrolling plans and moving spirits.