Generating an Interpreted Petri net file (.rdp) from a .net file

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Step 1

  Start by loading your translation table

Here is an example of a correct translation table.

Step 2

  Choose your net file (in textual format) and check the result

Typical errors in .net files include:

  • mispelling a condition or an action in a label

  • forgetting the conditon in a transition. It is not possible to have a transition of the form: tr t1 : {/goBase} …; you need to provide at least a condition, say: {noAction/goBase}

  • forgetting to put a place after a transition in your Petri net

Step 3

  Save the rdp file by clicking the button below

You can directly load the resulting .rdp file in the simulator. Open the file in a text editor and check for the presence of spurious spaces or line breaks before opening it in PetriNXT.