Latency Analysis of an Aerial Video Tracking System Using Fiacre and Tina


We describe our experience with modeling a video tracking system used to detect and follow moving targets from an airplane. We provide a formal model that takes into account the real-time properties of the system and use it to compute the worst and best-case end to end latency. We also compute a lower bound on the delay between the loss of two frames.

Our approach is based on the model-checking tool Tina, that provides state-space generation and model-checking algorithms for an extension of Time Petri Nets with data and priorities. We propose several models divided in two main categories: first Time Petri Net models, which are used to study the behavior of the system in the most basic way; then models based on the Fiacre specification language, where we take benefit of richer data structures to directly model the buffering of video information and the use of an unbounded number of frame identifiers.

In WATERS 20156th International Workshop on Analysis Tools and Methodologies for Embedded and Real-time Systems (FMTV verification challenge)