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CV Summary

Christophe THIBAULT, (h index 17), is a associate professor at LAAS-CNRS (McF), head of the ELiA team (Engineering in Life Science Applications) since 2012. He conducts research in the field of Micro/Nanotechnologies for life science applications in LAAS-CNRS, such as Micro/Nanopatterning, AFM, Micro/Nanoscale devices and tools for biology and medicine. Author of over 50 publications (cited over 900 times) in international conference proceedings, journals and books, he has been involved in several European projects and international cooperations.

C. Thibault develop novel activities in the fields of cell migration in 3D artificial microenvironment in different context: inflammatory response and cancer. He developed several devices that allow measurement of mechanical forces during migration in 2D and 3D.


Research Interests

Topics: Cell migration, 3D microenvironement, macrophage

Skills: Micro/Nano fabrication, Biopatterning, AFM, 3D printing


My research position - Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems, UPR 8001, Toulouse, France

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