07/06/2017: Released LED Display Manager, a small VHDL IP allowing to command a DE-DP13212 LED display from a FPGA.

21/03/2017: Released Network Send / Receive, a basic tool to send and receive small amounts of data using TCP or UDP sockets.

23/02/2017: Updated the ZedBoard Linux guide to support Vivado 2016.4.

21/09/2015: I just wrote a guide about how to install a custom Embedded Linux with persistent file system on a ZedBoard. More info here.


General Information

Research position: ISI Team, Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems, UPR 8001, Toulouse, France

 Teaching at IUT Paul Sabatier - GEII Department




Equipe ISI
7 Avenue du Colonel Roche
BP 54200
31031 Toulouse cedex 4

Tel: +33 (0)5 61 33 69 60
email: clement.foucher@laas.fr