Albea Sánchez, Carolina was born in 1979 in Seville, Spain. She received her degree in industrial engineering from the “University of Seville”, Spain, in 2004. She spent her last academic year of her study at “Graz University of Technology”, in the “Institut für Fertigungstechnik”, where she completed her final project degree. From 2004 to 2005, she worked in “Automation X”, Graz, Austria. In 2007 she received her MSC the “University of Seville”, (Dept. of Systems Engineering and Automatic), Spain. In 2010, she received her PhD in Automatic Control from the “Universidad de Sevilla”, (Dept. of Systems Engineering and Automatic Control), Spain, and the “Université Polytechnique de Grenoble” (GIPSA-lab), France. From 2010 to 2011, she held a posto-doctoral position at CEA-LETI Minatec campus in Grenoble, France, on the control of nanoelectronic circuits.

Current Position:

Since September 2011, she is associate professor at Université de Toulouse III (Université Paul Sabatier) and her research is performed at Laboratoire d’Architecture et d’Analyse des Systèmes (LAAS-CNRS), Toulouse, France

She is also an elected member of the «Conseil National des Universites» CNU.

Main Interests:

Her research interests cover: nonlinear control, hybrid dynamical systems, consensus, control of electronic devices, control of networks, adaptive control and estimation of attraction domain.


Her research publications include international conference papers and journal papers as well as two  patents.


HISPALIS: Hybrid self-adaptive multi-agent systems for microgrids. Funding: ANR 2018, nb. ANR-18-CE40-0022-01. Duration: 01/01/2019-31/12/2022.

HYBRISCON: Hybrid control for energy converter systems. Funding: CNRS JCJC INS2I 2015, nb. 52814. Duration:01/06/2015-31/12/2015.


Teaching field in automatic control

PhD students:

  1. Wael Zouaoui. "Control for energy-aware communication network". Defense 15/01/2016. (UPS)  
  2. Olesia Mokrenko. "Energy management of a Wireless Sensor Network at application level". Defense 20/14/2015. (CEA-Leti)
  3. Sabrina Hadjeras "Hybrid Control of Power Converter" Defense 11/07/2019 (UPS)

Master students:

  1. Miquel Talavera-Foix "Load balancing control of a server network cluster" 2014 (Erasmus, Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Spain).
  2. Camille Henrot "Modelling and dynamic hybrid command on energy conversion systems" 2016
  3. Jesse James a. Prince.  "Development of a toolbox for DC-AC converters controlled by hybrid dynamical systems theory" 2017


  1. Antonino Sferlazza “Hybrid dynamical control of the boost inverter and quadratic boost”. 2017.

Scientific Collaborations:

Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) (Fabio Gomez-Estern, Francisco Gordillo Alvarez)

CEA-Leti (France) (Suzanne Lesecq, Diego Puschini)

University of Ibagué (Colombia) (Oswaldo López Santos)