Markus Ryll professor at TU-Munich

My former postdoc Markus Ryll just became professor of Autonomous Aerial Systems at TU-Munich, one of the best technical universities in the world and arguably the best in Germany, his home country.


Markus ( has been among the early people that I hired when I joined LAAS-CNRS in 2014. We worked previously together a lot too when he did his PhD at MPI in Germany, even if I was not officially his PhD supervisor.

He stayed with me at LAAS-CNRS as a postdoc from 2014 until 2017, a long, productive, and exciting period, after which he moved to MIT for a second postdoc in the States.

Markus was among the very few ones who gave the initial shape to the LAAS Aerial Robotics Testbed, and I am very happy that he has now gained this important academic position, which is totally deserved.

Congrats Markus!