New Book on Aerial Robots in Physical Interaction Through Tethers

The book 'Theory and Applications for Control of Aerial Robots in Physical Interaction Through Tethers' by Marco Tognon and myself is now published as a volume in the prestigious Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics book series (STAR)!

The book stems from a research line that my former Ph.D. student Marco Tognon and I pursued from 2015 till 2019 and presents in a unified, organized, and self-contained way, all the most important theoretical discoveries and application-driven results that we obtained on modeling and control of flying robots connected to and interacting with a static or dynamic environment using cables or bars.

It doesn't happen often that a cohesive corpus of research results has the possibility to be nicely gathered in a book. I am very proud of Marco and the research we did together in the last years, which I believe totally deserved such a remarkable achievement.

Many thanks go of course to the Editors of the STAR series, the publisher, the funding agency/project (EC Aeroarms EU H2020) that sponsored the research, and all the LAAS-CNRS people who provided us a perfect environment for this research.

This is the book link:

This is a link to the book in this website [1].