Force-Moment Decoupling and Rotor-Failure Robustness for Star-Shaped Generically-Tilted Multi-Rotors

TitleForce-Moment Decoupling and Rotor-Failure Robustness for Star-Shaped Generically-Tilted Multi-Rotors
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMichieletto, G, Cenedese, A, Franchi, A
Conference NameIn 58th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
Date Published12/2019
Conference LocationNice, France

Aerial robotics is increasingly becoming an at- tractive field of research thanks to the peculiar mixture of theoretical issues to be solved and technological challenges to be faced. In particular, recent developments have seen the multiplication of multi-rotor platforms that aim at improving the maneuverability of classical quadrotors in standard and harsh flying conditions, thus opening the field to compre- hensive studies over the structural multi-rotor properties of actuation, decoupling, and robustness, which strongly depend on the mechanical configuration of the systems. This work collocates along this line of research by considering star-shaped generically-tilted multi-rotors (SGTMs), namely platforms with more than four possibly tilted propellers (along two tilting orthogonal axes). For these platforms, we investigate how the structural choices over the number of propellers and the tilting angles affect the force-moment decoupling features and, by recalling the robustness definition that refers to the hovering capabilities of the platform, we provide a robustness analysis and an hoverability assessment for SGTMs having five to eight actuators against the loss of one and two propellers.

Citation Key2019j-MicCenFra

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