Development of SAM: cable-Suspended Aerial Manipulator

TitleDevelopment of SAM: cable-Suspended Aerial Manipulator
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsSarkisov, Y, Kim, MJ, Bicego, D, Tsetserukou, D, Ott, C, Franchi, A, Kondak, K
Conference Name2019 IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation
Date Published05/2019
Conference LocationMontreal, Canada

High risk of a collision between rotor blades and the obstacles in a complex environment imposes restrictions on the aerial manipulators. To solve this issue, a novel system cable-Suspended Aerial Manipulator (SAM) is presented in this paper. Instead of attaching a robotic manipulator directly to an aerial carrier, it is mounted on an active platform which is suspended on the carrier by means of a cable. As a result, higher safety can be achieved because the aerial carrier can keep a distance from the obstacles. For self-stabilization, the SAM is equipped with two actuation systems: winches and propulsion units. This paper presents an overview of the SAM including the concept behind, hardware realization, control strategy, and the first experimental results.

Citation Key2019f-SarKimBicTseOttFraKon
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