Multi-Robot Path Planning with Maintenance of Generalized Connectivity

TitleMulti-Robot Path Planning with Maintenance of Generalized Connectivity
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSolana, Y, Furci, M, Cortés, J, Franchi, A
Conference NameThe 1st Int. Symp. on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems
Date Published12/2017
Conference LocationLos Angeles, CA

This paper addresses the problem of generating a path for a fleet of robots navigating in a cluttered environment, while maintaining the so called generalized connectivity. The main challenge in the management of a group of robots is to ensure the coordination between them, taking into account limitations in communication range and sensors, possible obstacles, inter-robot avoidance and other constraints. The Generalized Connectivity Maintenance (GCM) theory already provides a way to represent and consider the aforementioned constraints, but previous works only find solutions via locally-steering functions that do not provide global and optimal solutions. In this work, we merge the GCM theory with randomized path- planning approaches, and local path optimization techniques to derive a tool that can provide global, good-quality paths. The proposed approach has been intensively tested and verified by mean of numerical simulations.

Citation Key2017m-SolFurCorFra
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