DiaDes  0.1
DIAgnosis of Discrete-Event System
Todo List
Class ConstMapKeyIterator< Key, Value >
Class ConstMapValueIterator< Key, Value >
Class ConstUnorderedMapKeyIterator< Key, Value >
File DesGenerate.cc
fix the problem with the cliques greater than 2
Class Diades::Automata::Component
Management of the id (not initialised apparently, but also not used)
Member Diades::Automata::Experimental::faFromDdAutFile (std::istream &stream, const ManagedDdAutFA &mFa)
complete the parser
Member Diades::Automata::Experimental::fromAutFile (std::istream &stream, AutFsm &fsm)
complete the parser
Member Diades::Automata::Experimental::fsmFromDdAutFile (std::istream &stream, const ManagedDdAutFsm &mFsm)
complete the parser
Member Diades::Automata::Experimental::StateMachine< _StatePropertyId, _EventPropertyId, _NullStatePropertyId, _NullEventPropertyId >::containsEvent (const EventPropertyId &e) const
make it better
Class Diades::Automata::FaultPattern

test the containEvents method

add the notion of strict precedence

Member Diades::Automata::SubConfiguration::setRoot (Topology::Node newRoot)
Member Diades::Automata::Topology::import (const string &fileName)
incorporate the comments in the input language
Member Diades::Automata::Trace::isFinite (list< set< Event > > &combinations) const
improve the returned combinations
Class Diades::Automata::VisitedDiagState
find a more efficient to encode an unordered_set<Event> (bitsets/bdds ??)
Class Diades::CmdInterface::FileSuffixes
fix the problem of file with multiple dots like ../../toto.ddaut
Class Diades::Petri::AdequateOrder
Member Diades::Petri::BranchingProcess::addExtension (const Extension &extension)
Member Diades::Petri::BranchingProcess::getPossibleExtensions (Extensions &extensions)
Member Diades::Petri::BranchingProcess::isCutOff (const Event &e) const
Class Diades::Petri::ExtensionEquality
Member Diades::Petri::LabelledNet::LabelledNet (const LabelledNet &net)
Member Diades::Petri::LabelledNet::LabelledNet (const LabelledNet &lpn1, const LabelledNet &lpn2, const unordered_set< Event > &syncEvents)
Member Diades::Petri::LabelledNet::operator= (const LabelledNet &net)
Member Diades::Petri::LabelledPrioritizedNet::setPriority (Transition t1, Transition t2)
implement transitivity + error management
Class Diades::Petri::Net
add lambda-transitions
Member Diades::Petri::ReachabilityGraph::addTimeConstraint (RState state, const string &transitionName, const Diades::Utils::Interval &interval)
I do this stupid thing to have only one VrbParser for ReachabilityGraph and TimeReachabilityGraph: change that
Member Diades::Petri::TimeNet::TimeNet (const TimeNet &p1, const TimeNet &p2, const set< Event > &synchronisation, bool strict=true)
complete by introducing time
Class Diades::Sdmdl::Formula
make a Formula a unique object (reference equality)
Member Diades::Sdmdl::Formula::primes (FormulaVector &result) const
efficiency issues due to prime formula redundancies
Member Diades::Utils::sequenceHamming (InputIterator1 first1, InputIterator1 last1, InputIterator2 first2, InputIterator2 last2)
File Diagnoser.cc

Validation of the option interface of the command

Force the writing of an interactive diagnoser in a ".diagnoser" suffixed file

Member generateComponent (vector< ObservableComponent *>::size_type componentIndex, ObservableComponent *newObservableComponent, ObservableComponent *interaction, set< Event > &faultEvents, set< Event > &normalEvents, set< Event > &observableEvents, set< Event > &sharedEvents, const set< string > &labelOfSharedEvents, map< string, set< vector< ObservableComponent *>::size_type > > &unknownScope, unsigned nbStateMin, unsigned nbStateMax, unsigned nbFaultMin, unsigned nbFaultMax, unsigned nbObsMin, unsigned nbObsMax, unsigned nbNormalMin, unsigned nbNormalMax)
generalise: some shared events may be observable
Member initConstrainedConnectionMappings (const Topology &topology, const Node &node, SharedEventNodeMap &sharedEventOfNode, set< Node >::const_iterator first, set< Node >::const_iterator last, map< Event, Topology::Connection > &mappingInteractionToCurrentSide, map< Topology::Connection, Event > &mappingConnectionToInteraction, map< Event, Topology::Connection > &mappingCurrentSideToInteraction, set< Event > &constrainedEvents)
need to fix this by fixing sharedEventOfNode to deal with partial synchronised events from the clique
Member makeComponentFullyConsistent (ObservableComponent &result, const Node &node, SharedEventNodeMap &sharedEventOfNode, const ObservableComponent &interaction, map< Event, Topology::Connection > &mappingInteractionToCurrentSide, map< Event, Topology::Connection > &mappingCurrentSideToInteraction, EdgeMap< int > &triggeredTransition, NodeMap< set< State > > &stateMapping, unsigned outputDegreeMax, Selection< Event > &eventSelection)
really make an algorithm more reliable than that. but no TIME!!!
Member makeMinimalRequirement (unsigned outputDegreeMax, Selection< Event > &eventSelection, vector< State > &candidates, ObservableComponent &result)
change the algorithm by inserting one transition for each event at the begininng of the generation
Class MapKeyIterator< Key, Value >
Class MapValueIterator< Key, Value >
Class std::hash< Diades::Automata::Candidate >
improve this
Class UnorderedMapKeyIterator< Key, Value >
Class UnorderedMapValueIterator< Key, Value >