Yassine ARIBA

Ph.D. in Automatic Control and Systems Theory 

Positions:     Associate Professor at the Icam
Researcher at the LAAS 
Location:     Toulouse, France.

Emails:         yassine.ariba@{icam.fr ; laas.fr}




Icam, Toulouse.

Department of Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science (GEI)
75 avenue de Grande-Bretagne,
CS 97615
31076 Toulouse cedex 3, France.

 Phone: +33(0)5 3450 5038
     Fax: +33(0)5 3450 5038


Team: Methods and Algorithms in Control (MAC)
7 avenue du Colonel Roche,
BP 54200
31031 Toulouse cedex 4, France.

 Phone: +33(0)5 6133 6307
     Fax: +33(0)5 6133 6969

A brief biography

I graduated from the "Université Paul Sabatier" (Université de Toulouse III, France) in Electrical Engineering, in June 2004. Then,  I received the Master's Degree in Control Systems and Real-Time Computing, in June 2006. I defended my Ph. D. thesis in Automatic Control in November 2009 at the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS) and I received the Ph.D degree from the "Université Paul Sabatier" in Toulouse, France. This work was conducted with my former advisors: Frédéric Gouaisbaut and Yann Labit. The thesis dealt with the stability analysis of time-varying delay systems and the control application to router management in TCP networks. From January to August 2010, I had a postdoc position and I worked with professor Karl Henrik Johansson in the Automatic Control Laboratory at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

Since August 2010, I am currently associate professor at the Icam, school of engineering,  at Toulouse. I joined the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Since January 2012, I'm also holding a researcher position at the LAAS-CNRS in the team MAC (Methods and Algorithms in Control).