About me


since October 2015

PhD student at MAC, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France

with Jean-Bernard Lasserre and Didier Henrion

Summer 2015

Intern at LIX, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France

with Victor Magron and Benjamin Werner

Summer 2014

Intern at Aalto Science Institute, Espoo, Finland

with Cordian Riener



August 2018 Summer school: Numerical Computing in Algebraic Geometry, Leipzig
July 2018 Conference: ISMP2018, Bordeaux
January 2018 Workshop: Semi-algebraic techniques for the optimal power flow problem and stability assessment of power systems, Paris
October 2017 Conference: Journees annuelles 2017 des GdR MOA et MIA, Bordeaux
September 2017 Conference: FGI 2017, Paderborn 
Summer 2017 Stay at CNLS, LANL, visiting Misha Chertkov
October 2016 Workshop: AIME@CZ, Prag
June 2016 Workshop: FastRelax, Toulouse
March 2016 Stay at NUS, visiting Kim-Chuan Toh
June 2015 Workshop: GeoLMI, Paris
April 2014 Workshop: Real Algebraic Geometry With A View Towards Systems Control And Free Positivity, Oberwolfach


2011 to 2015 University of Konstanz: Diplom in Mathematics, with Markus Schweighofer
2008 to 2016 University of Konstanz: Teacher Training Philosophy