Invited talks and Presentations:

January 2018 RTE Paris, Chanc-Constrained Optimization for Non-Linear Network Flow Problems
October 2017 IMT Bordeaux, Bounded sums of squares for large scale polynomial optimization with structured sparsity
September 2017 University of Paderborn, Solving nearly-sparse polynomial optimization problems
June 2017 LANL, Los Alamos, The Generalized Moment Problem and some applications
October 2016

TU Prag, Sparse Hierarchies for Large Scale Polynomial Optimization

May 2016

LAAS Toulouse,  NLverify: Non Linear Verification, a Coq Tactic

February 2016

Inria Saclay,   NLverify: Non Linear Verification, a Coq Tactic

October 2014

CWI Amsterdam, Certificates for nonnegativity