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Deliverables (by due date)

D1.1 – StackOfTasks software released for the robotics community (T1.1, Mo 12) [LAAS]

Release of the software in the ROS (Robot Operating System) packaging system

Portal of the Dynamic Motion software Pinocchio (SOT Suite)

Portal of the StackOfTasks

D3.1 Documented-object planner (T3.1, Mo 12) [LAAS]

Software release and documenting report on the documented-object approach for manipulation planning PDF File (1Mo)

D2.1 – Generic musculoskeletal model (T2.1, Mo 18) [INRIA]

Release of a descriptive version of the musculoskeletal model to be used in StackofTasks

PDF File (400Ko) -- Rar File (9Mo) -- URDF File with cannonical scaling

D1.2 – Report of hierarchical resolution for dynamics systems (T1.2 and T1.3, Mo 18) [LAAS]

Submission in an international conference or journal of a methodology for hierarchical problem resolution

PDF File (430Ko)

The reference of the paper is: Prioritized Optimal Control : a Hierarchical Differential Dynamic Programming approach. Francesco Romano, Andrea {Del Prete}, Nicolas Mansard and Francesco Nori. In IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Seattle, USA, may 2015. (BIBTEX).

A paper about hierarchical resolution has also been published in the Internationnal Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR) under the reference: Hierarchical quadratic programming: fast online humanoid-robot motion generation. A Escande, N Mansard and P-B. Wieber. International Journal of Robotic Research (IJRR), 33(7):1006-1028, June 2014. (BIBTEX).

D4.1 – Organization of an international workshop at LAAS (T4.1, Mo18) [LAAS]

Organization of a pluridisciplinary workshop entitled Anthorpomorphic Embodied Intelligence gathering researchers in neurosciences, mathematics, robotics and computer animation.

See the web site of the workshop

D2.2 – Report of experimentation results 2 (T2.1, Mo 30) [INRIA]

Submission in an international conference or journal of experimentation results for task 2.2.

PDF File (430Ko)

D1.3 – StackOfTasks software released for the rest of the world (T1.1, Mo 36) [LAAS]

Release of the software in the Ubuntu packaging system as a multi-purpose motion generation system

Portal of the StackOfTasks

The central part of the software, Pinocchio, is now fully integrated in the Stack Of Tasks. It is also used as a basis for the planner HPP, developped in Gepetto. Master classes using Pinocchio are released as well (see web site, tutorials).

D4.2 – Organization of a workshop at IEEE ICRA 2017 (T4.1, Mo 30) [LAAS]

Organization of a workshop at the conference IJCAI entitled "Optimality in Robot Motion and Action" (see the website of the tutorial)

Organization of a workshop at the major robotic conference IROS entitled "Towards a unified workflow for multi contact motion on legged robots: Challenges in planning, optimization and control" (see the workshop page)

D3.3 – Report on motion planning for anthropomorphic systems (T3.1, Mo 40) [LAAS]

Robot Motion Planning and Control: Is It More than a Technological Problem? Mehdi Benallegue, Jean-Paul Laumond, Nicolas Mansard Chapter in Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics · January 2017 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-51547-2_1 In book: Geometric and Numerical Foundations of Movements, pp.1-10 See PDF

D3.2 – Test case description, analysis and performances (T3.3, Mo 30) [INRIA]

Decription of the planner with a complete analysis of the performances in several scenarios: An efficient acyclic contact planner for multiped robots, by Steve Tonneau, Andrea Del Prete, Julien Pettré, Chonhyon Park, Dinesh Manocha, Nicolas Mansard See PDF on HAL

Future deliverables

D2.3 – Low-level and high-level bio-inspired paradigms for planning (T2.2 & 2.3, Mo 36) [INRIA]

Release of results from tasks 2.1. and 2.2. to be used in StackofTasks.