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Assistant Professor at Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France


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7, Avenue du Colonel Roche 31077 Toulouse cedex 4

Microdispositifs et Microsystèmes de Détection" (M2D group).

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Biography :

Ph. Menini was born in Toulouse, France, in 1970.

In 1994 he joined the CNRS-LAAS Laboratory (Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes du Centre National de Recherche Scientifique") to prepare a PhD thesis in the field of electronic and microsystems. He received the Ph. D. degree from the Paul Sabatier University, in 1998. His doctoral studies were concentrated on characterization and modelling of a capacitive pressure sensors in silicon/glass technology.

Since 1999, M. Menini has been Assistant Professor at Paul Sabatier University. At the same time, he joined the “Micro components and Microsystems of Detection” group in CNRS-LAAS Laboratory to manage a new team in the field of semi-conducting gas sensors. Microtechnology, design, characterization and data treatment of semiconductor gas sensors are main of its interests.

From 2002 to april 2005, associated with 9 european partners from which the sensor manufacturer MICS (Microchemical Systems, Switzerland) Philippe Ménini was involved as a Workpakage leader in a European Program “NANOSENSOFLEX” which consisted in developing flexible gas sensors based on silicon micro-hotplate and a nanoparticular metal-oxide elaborated by LCC (Coordination Chemists Laboratory in Toulouse).

 Research Activities :

Since 2000 : Coordination of “GAS SENSORS” Team (1.5 perm. ; 5 phD students )

4 different fields are explored (general view in document1):

·        Microtechnolgy : Design and development of Microhotplate for single and multi-gas sensors (document2)

·        Numerical Simulation and modeling (optimization of designs ; document3)

·        Characterization (development of specific test benches for high speed conductance measurements, impedance measurements in controlled atmosphere)

·        Data Treatment (new methods of gas sensor operating modes, discrimination by mathematical approaches as Factorial Discrimant Analysis method or neural networks ; document4)


single gas sensor with T° sensor


Multi gas sensor with T° sensor


Papier de soie bleu




LAAS test bench

Resistance, impedance measurement

prototype of portable CO-detector




Data treatment / Electronic


Ph. D Studies :


 Electrical and Behavioural Modelisation of the sensor (PSPICE)



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Post-Doctoral Activities

  • Development of an On-wafer Microelectronic Probing System

 Cox - C(V) measurements

 DC - I(V) measurement

 High temperature device characterization (ambiant to 300ºC)



 Teaching Activities : At University "Paul Sabatier Toulouse III" Toulouse, France

 Teaching Experience

University of Science and Technologies, Department of Physics and Chemistry (UFR-PCA)

(From September 1994 to present) (192h per year)

- B. Sc. in electricity and electronic functions (DEUG or L2 in France) ;

- M. Sc. In Electronic. Head Teaching Assistant. Preparation of teaching materials including problem sets and exams in A/D circuit simulation  with PSPICE software. Supervised other teaching assistants timetable.

- Director of Professional Bachelor in Electronic assembly and elaboration of teaching materials concerning Sensors, data treatment and metrology (Licence Professionnelle ACE).

- Professional Bachelor and Master in Technology for Medicine : Conception of courses , problems and practical works of analogical electronics and microtechnology for minimal invasive surgery.

- Post-graduate diploma in Conception of Microelectronic Circuits and Microsystems. Supervised and instructed students in white-room microtechnology techniques (AIME).

Cours/TD/TP à différents niveaux et sur différentes filières :

  • DEUG Sciences :

Electricité et Electronique de base

  • IUT GEII (Génie Electrique et Informatique Industrielle de Paul Sabatier :

Electricité et Electronique 1ère année

  • LICENCE Ingenierie (LINEL):

Electronique (du transistor à l'Aop)


CAO Circuits A/D (PSPICE)

TP de Physique des Semi-conducteurs

Electronique analogique

  • Licence Pro ACE

Cours Capteurs et traitement du signal




Cours microsystèmes pour la microchirurgie

Cours Capteurs chimiques

+ Stage Microélectronique en salle blanche


Publications :

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 Conferences on MEMS :

MEMS Clearinghouse Event Announcements

MST International / VDI-VDE-ITl

SPIE Web (Calls & Submissions)

News & Conferences : IMT Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems


 My CV :

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 Leisures : Tennis and Tennis Corporation

 I play tennis (French classification : 15/2) in the Beaumont/Leze Club. You can also visit the FFT (Fédération Française de Tennis) web site.

I’m director of a Tennis corporation

  •  Tennis Corporation : I’m leader of the « Association Sportive Tennis des Laboratoires de Recherche de Toulouse et de Haute Garonne ». It consists in different competitive teams involved in different championships.

 Photographies (Team 1 : Nicolas TREICH, Robert PLANA, Philippe MENINI and Henri BARTHE at the ROLAND GARROS Central Court. This Team participated to the 1st national division championship in 2001)


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