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Marc Bruyere

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"Celui qui trouve sans chercher est celui qui a longtemps cherché sans trouver."

Gaston Bachelard

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Professional Achievements

  • Dell - Force10 Networks – Technical Consultant Engineer EMEA.
    July 2007-Now

    Technical lead of Europe and providing dedicated services to specific customers. Interfacing with SiliconValley R&D HeadQuater.
    - CERN Computer Center & Experiment Networks LHCb & Atlas. Leading the beta testing program for the 3rd generation high density chassis Exascale.
    - King Abdulha University Science and Technology Saudi Arabia. IBM Blue Gene & Linux Cluster network deisgn, deployment and support.
    - Telefonica various Proof of Concept and Design for their new DataCenter in Madrid.
    - European Internet eXchange : DE-CIX, BNiX service and support.
    - NYSE EuroNext : Driving Proof of Concept and providing tech expertise.
    - LeaseWeb / MegaUpload testing new solutions for improving performance.

  • Dimension Data for AIRBUS. Network Team Leader
    Dec 2005- July 2007

    - Technical Lead of the new data center from the design to the 3 weeks CPOC at the San Jose Cisco campus and the configuration for deployment. The new data center is to host 3000 servers with 10G to the access switch.
    - Level 3 NOC engineer, configuration validation, IOS version validation.
    - Support and Troubleshoot day to day network incident with a team of 10 peoples.
    - Push network improvement like RC-OSPF, NTP, RSTP, TACACS, SSH, IOS an memory upgrade on the 1500 Airbus Cisco devices.
    - Support and help the migration of the IP Telephony from a LAN point of view. - Content Switching technical lead.
    - Write technical RFP and help pre sales team for high level technical questions.
    - Give a hand for specifical deployment to other Didata’s customer like SFR/Vodafone and Credit Agricole Bank.

  • Credit Suisse Fisrt Boston. Network Engineer Contractor.
    Jul 2002 - Dec 2004

    In charge of the Credit Suisse Italy LAN MAN WAN under the responsibility of the London’s Credit Suisse First Boston Global Network Services.
    - Network support of Milan data center and the different Italian agencies and nomads using Spectrum, Syslog, CiscoWorks. 600 users.
    - Manage and report incident with Remedy.
    - Install the network for a data center in a new building in Milan with Disaster Recover
    - Migrating the Milan MAN, and the 35 agencies to improved connectivity lines.
    - Support Italian local network project like the internet gateway with a DMZ.

  • Brainshare EMEA Novell Barcelone Network Engineer Contractor
    May 2002 - Jun 2002

    In charge of the WLAN during all the show
    - Install and support the WLAN for the mobile scanning devices to track attendees during the Brainshare.
    - Install and support the Wireless Internet Guest Access.

  • Vivendi Universal Networks Paris. NOC Engineer Contractor
    Feb 2002 - May 2002

    NOC Engineer level 1 & 2 during the merging network team period.
    - Technologies : MPLS, Frame Relay, ATM, Leased Line and ISDN.
    - A massive world wide network managed through HP openview, CiscoWorks.
    - Report of the network incidents with Remedy.
    - Documenting new procedures.

  • Cisco Systems Europe London. Network Engineer Contractor
    Jul 2001 - Nov 2001

    Network Engineer in the EMEA marketing team of David Chalmers.
    - Design, test, configuration, deployment and support.
    - CIO Summit Monaco Grimaldi Forum November 2000 – 300 attendees.
    - Sales Meeting Paris Palais des Congrès September 2001 – 1500 attendees.
    - Networkers/CCIE/CLC BellaCenter Copenhagen October 2001 – 4000 attendees.

  • Cisco Systems France Paris. System Engineer Junior
    Jun 2000 - Jun 2001

    As a Junior SE in the New Service Provider channel team
    - Writing of the technical reply for different RFP and RFI CPE xDSL
    - Customer Hands-on with the security rack using Firewall PIX, IDS , VPN concentrator and Cisco Secure Policy Manager.
    - Hands-on sessions during the Road Show Aironet France.
    - Help to improve the VoIP/ToIP Cofratel Lab.
    - Documenting CPE xDSL solutions.
    - First Intern to pass CCNP and CCDP within the first three months.

  • Club Internet Paris. Hotline technician and Sale Representative
    May 1997 - April 1998

    Hot-line technician and Sale Representative for opening a new commercial network - HotLine technican in the very first team of this ISP.
    - Commercial launch of a Internet connectivity package for small computer reseller in the South West of France.

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