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An B21r, built by iRobot. All the control architecture from LAAS has been ported to Linux and currently runs on the robot.
It is part of the Biospace mission exhibition at the « Cité de l'espace » in Toulouse from time to time from May 2004 to November 2005, guiding visitors in the spaceship.


Wheels: 4 driving wheels
Batteries:4x12V, 1440Wh
Bus:2 PCI Busses
Processors: 3 x Intel Pentium III
Operating system:Linux
Communication:IEEE 802.11b Wireless lan (11Mb/s)
Sensors: odometry,
48 Sonar range sensors,
24 Infrared proximetry sensors,
1 Sick® 2D Laser Range Finder,
2 color cameras on pan & tilt platforms
Human/robot interface:Flat panel touch screen
Speech synthetisis by the ICP
Dimensions (Diameter x H):53cm x 185cm
photo of Rackham

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