tclserv is a request and poster server for pocolibs-based GenoM modules.

It can control GenoM modules running on the same host as itself and accepts command on a dedicated socket that are forwarded to the modules in question. Tclserv also provides the 'genom' tcl package that can be loaded in any tcl interpreter (shells/eltclsh as well). The 'genom' package is a client of tclserv that can load dedicated procedures to control GenoM modules generated with the 'tcl' option. Other clients can also use tclserv, in particular net/libtclserv_client (in C, for modules generated with the 'tclserv_client' option).

tclserv is an open-source software released under a BSD license.

Download source

Latest stable release:

You can checkout the git repository (read-only) with

git clone git://

or, if you find out that your internet is firewalled for git://, use

git clone

You can also browse the repository online.


This package is available via robotpkg, in the net/tclserv category.

For manual compilation you should use the well known sequence:

# ./configure; make; make install

Please look at ./configure --help for available configuration options.