EVa Real-Time Software (EVaRTTM) provides a user with a simple and powerful interface to the Motion AnalysisTM motion capture hardware. Under a single software environment you can set up, calibrate, capture motion in real-time, capture motion for post processing, edit and save data in the format of your choice.

The evart-stream package contains a daemon that connects to the EVaRTTM motion capture software through an SDK, listen to the network for data streaming requests and can stream the marker positions detected by EVaRTTM.

evart-client (this package) is a library with a programming interface that is aimed at controlling the evart-stream server as well as receiving the marker data from it. It is more intended for use on a Unix system. It is released as an open-source software under a BSD license.


The evart-client manual is available from this link

Download source


This package uses autotools. In order to compile you should use the well known sequence:

# ./configure; make; make install

Please look at ./configure --help for available configuration options.

Note that this package is also included in robotpkg.