Versatile image acquisition module


The Versatile Image Acquisition Module (viam) handles image acquisition from firewire DCAM cameras through the libdc1394 and OpenCV libraries or USB cameras through the video4linux API (a specific driver for the ladybug2 camera is also included). It can also read images from files, either saved from a previous acquisition or not.
viam-libs is open-source and released under a BSD license.

A semi-automatized camera calibration procedure usign OpenCV algorithms is included. Simple filters can be applied to the raw images, like distortion correction or image rectification for stereo pairs. Gain, exposure, white balance, debayerization and other hardware parameters can also be controlled, either by software or directly by the camera if the hardware enables it.

This package contains the core libraries only. A GenoM component is also available here. The component provides additional facilities not included in the core libraries, like saving an image sequence in files or displaying the live image from the camera.


Unfortunately, documentation is still sparse. The source code is commented, and the API is moderately straight-forward. You are more than welcome to complain at


You can browse the git repository, or download the latest stable release: