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Invited seminars and lectures

Wherever available, the slides corresponding to the specific item can be downloaded by clicking on the hyperlink.

Plenary and semi-plenary talks


Invited seminars


Invited lectures and PhD courses


  • 19/06/2017: Teacher of the tutorial: "An introduction to nonlinear hybrid dynamical systems", Seminaire Systeme hybride GT SDH et CCT SCA of the CNES. Toulouse, France.
  • 16/06/2015: Teacher of the module: "Tutorial on hybrid dynamical systems", School on modelng, analysis and control of dynamical systems (MACS). Bourges, France.
  • 14-16/01/2015: Teacher of the PhD course: "Nonlinear hybrid dynamical systems", Scuola di dottorato, University of Trento, Italy.
  • 12-15/09/2012: Teacher of the PhD course: "Nonlinear Dynamical Hybrid Systems", Ecole doctorale EdSys, Toulouse, France.
  • 03-06/2011: Teacher of the PhD course "Nonlinear Systems" at the Johannes Kepler Universitet, Linz (Austria).
  • August 24, 2009. Mini-tutorial session: "Constructive Anti-Windup Design Methods" at the 2009 European Control Conference. Invited by Peter Gaspar.
  • 07/2009: Teacher in the Bertinoro national PhD school in Control and Automation: "Controllo robusto e vincolato". Bertinoro, FO (Italy). Here is a handout given after the lecture.
  • 14-15/11/2008: Teacher in the PhD school "Scuola avanzata Giovanni Zappa su tecniche di controllo e identificazione" Udine, Italy.
  • June 20, 2008. Lecture "Linear anti-windup design via LMIs". IASI-CNR institute, Rome. Invited by Pasquale Palumbo.
  • 03/2008 Teacher of the module "Control of nonlinear systems" within the master degree called "Expert in integrated design of mechatronic systems" organized by the University of Perugia, Italy.
  • 04/05/2008 Teacher of the module "Process of industrial innovation" in the IFTS course funded by "regione Lazio" and called "High level technician for the electronic design of control and automation systems".
  • AA 2004,02005,2008 Teacher (three times) of the short PhD course "Control of nonlinear systems" at the university of Rome, Tor Vergata.
  • 24/8-6/9/1997: Teacher in the PhD school "Computer aided education in automation and control", Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava (SK).