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on May 25, 2015

Research Interests

My research focuses on theoretical and applied nonlinear and hybrid control. Some main theoretical areas where I have contributed are control in the presence of saturation constraints (see the book on anti-windup design published in 2011), nonlinear and dynamic input allocation, reset and hybrid control systems. Among the many applications that I addressed using nonlinear control techniques, we may mention control of Tokamak plasmas, aerospace and mechatronic systems. I invite you to take a look at my list of publications on Google Scholar, or Scopus.
For a more detailed narrative view of my research and my general ideas on systems and control, see my interview with the IEEE Control Systems Magazine in People in Control. See also here the article (in French) that appeared in the internal journal " La Lettre du LAAS" after I joined the CNRS.

Selected Publications


[1] (PDF, Preprint) M. Maggiore, M. Sassano, and L. Zaccarian. Reduction theorems for hybrid dynamical systems. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, to appear, 2019.

[2] - BrentariTCST18 - M. Brentari, S. Urbina, D. Arzelier, C. Louembet, and L. Zaccarian. A hybrid control framework for impulsive control of satellite rendezvous. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2018. To Appear.

[3] (PDF, Preprint) M. Cocetti, A. Serrani, and L. Zaccarian. Linear output regulation with dynamic optimization for uncertain linear over-actuated systems. Automatica, 97:214–225, 2018.

[4] (PDF) A. Bisoffi, M. Da Lio, A.R. Teel, and L. Zaccarian. Global asymptotic stability of a PID control system with Coulomb friction. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 63(8):2654–2661, 2018.

[5] (PDF, Preprint) A. Bisoffi, F. Forni, M. Da Lio, and L. Zaccarian. Relay-based hybrid control of minimal-order mechanical systems with applications. Automatica, 97:104–114, 2018.

[6] (PDF, Preprint) A. Alessandri and L. Zaccarian. Stubborn state observers for linear time-invariant systems. Automatica, 88:1–9, February 2018.

[7] (PDF) S. Formentin, F. Dabbene, R. Tempo, L. Zaccarian, and S.M. Savaresi. Robust linear static anti-windup with probabilistic certificates. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 62(4):1575–1589, April 2017.

[8] (PDF, Preprint) A. Bisoffi, F. Biral, M. Da Lio, and L. Zaccarian. Longitudinal jerk estimation of driver intentions for intelligent vehicle applications. IEEE-ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 22(4):1531–1541, August 2017.

[9] (PDF, Preprint) F. Todeschini, S. Formentin, G. Panzani, M. Corno, S. Savaresi, and L. Zaccarian. Nonlinear pressure control for BBW systems via dead zone and anti-windup compensation. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 24(4):1419–1431, 2016.

[9] (PDF, Preprint) J.F. Trégouët, D. Arzelier, D. Peaucelle, C. Pittet, and L. Zaccarian. Reaction wheels desaturation using magnetorquers and static input allocation. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 23(2):525–539, 2015.

[10] (PDF, Preprint) S. Galeani, D. Henrion, A. Jacquemard, and L. Zaccarian. Design of Marx generators as a structured eigenvalue assignment. Automatica, 50(10):2709–2717, 2014.

[11] (PDF, Preprint) F. Forni, S. Galeani, D. Nešić, and L. Zaccarian. Event-triggered transmission for linear control over communication channels. Automatica, 50(2):490–498, 2014.

[12] (PDF, Preprint) C. Prieur, S. Tarbouriech, and L. Zaccarian. Lyapunov-based hybrid loops for stability and performance of continuous-time control systems. Automatica, 49(2):577–584, 2013.

[13] (PDF, Preprint) D. Nešić, A.R. Teel, G. Valmórbida, and L. Zaccarian. Finite gain Lp stability for hybrid dynamical systems. Automatica, 49(8):2384–2396, 2013.

[14] (PDF, Preprint) F. Forni, A.R. Teel, and L. Zaccarian. Follow the bouncing ball: global results on tracking and state estimation with impacts. IEEE Trans. Aut. Cont., 58(6):1470–1485, 2013.

[15] (PDF, Preprint) F. Forni, S. Galeani, and L. Zaccarian. Model recovery anti-windup for continuous-time rate and magnitude saturated linear plants. Automatica, 48(8):1502–1513, 2012.

[16] (PDF, Preprint) L. Boncagni, S. Galeani, G. Granucci, G. Varano, V. Vitale, and L. Zaccarian. Plasma position and elongation regulation at FTU using dynamic input allocation. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 20(3):641–651, 2012.

[17] (PDF) G. De Tommasi, S. Galeani, A. Pironti, G. Varano, and L. Zaccarian. Nonlinear dynamic allocator for optimal input/output performance trade-off: application to the JET tokamak shape controller. Automatica, 47(5):981–987, 2011.

[18] (PDF, Preprint) D. Nešić, A.R. Teel, and L. Zaccarian. Stability and performance of SISO control systems with First Order Reset Elements. IEEE Trans. Aut. Cont., 56(11):2567–2582, 2011.

[19] (PDF, Preprint) L. Zaccarian. Dynamic allocation for input-redundant control systems. Automatica, 45(6):1431–1438, 2009.

[20] (PDF, Preprint) S. Galeani, S. Tarbouriech, M.C. Turner, and L. Zaccarian. A tutorial on modern anti-windup design. European Journal of Control, 15(3-4):418–440, 2009.

[21] (PDF, Preprint) D. Dai, T. Hu, A.R. Teel, and L. Zaccarian. Output feedback design for saturated linear plants using deadzone loops. Automatica, 45(12):2917–2924, 2009.

[22] (PDF, Preprint) L. Zaccarian and A.R. Teel. The L2 (l2) bumpless transfer problem: its definition and solution. Automatica, 41(7):1273–1280, 2005.

[23] (PDF, Preprint) F. Morabito, A.R. Teel, and L. Zaccarian. Nonlinear anti-windup applied to Euler-Lagrange systems. IEEE Trans. Rob. Aut., 20(3):526–537, 2004.

[24] (PDF, Preprint) G. Grimm, J. Hatfield, I. Postlethwaite, A.R. Teel, M.C. Turner, and L. Zaccarian. Antiwindup for stable linear systems with input saturation: an LMI-based synthesis. IEEE Trans. Aut. Cont., 48(9):1509–1525, September 2003.