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  • In LAAS, my work is integrated in the activities of ROC team (Operations Research / Combinatorial Optimization / Constraints)
    (previously MOGISA team -- I have been in charge of this team from April 2003 until September 2011).


  • My research areas concern (note that the following categories are not a partition):
  • Operations Research: Combinatorial Optimization; Scheduling.
  • Constraint Programming: Filtering algorithms; Propagation mechanisms; Energetic Reasoning.
  • Interdisciplinary studies: Optimal management of electrical energy; Human factors in transportation scheduling; Human-system cooperation (SCOOP Project, in French).
  • Applications:
  • Production planning and scheduling (workshops),
  • Transportation problems (vehicle routing),
  • Space missions (Earth observing satellites, comet landing and study):
  • ROSETTA/PHILAE mission: ESA, CNES, EnjoySpace, NASA, Wikipedia, Facebook page, and Aerospace-technology
  • Satellite Constellations
  • Universe Knowledge Systems: Mars, NETLANDER Project (in French)

  • Have a look at my publications (by year) to know more about my topical (and former) research activities.

  • Committees / Administrative duties
  • 2016-: Deputy Director of LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse
  • 2012-2016: Steering committee, Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique (CoNRS), Section 06 : "Sciences de l'information : fondements de l'informatique, calculs, algorithmes, représentations, exploitations"
  • 2013-: Member of "Collège Scientifique EEA" of Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
  • 2003: Founder of MOGISA team (now ROC team) in LAAS-CNRS, and head until 2011
  • Co-founder of TORO group (Toulouse Operations Research & Optimization)
  • Area Editor: Journal of the Chilean Institute of Operations Research
  • Program Committees: ETFA 2011, ICORES, MOSIM, ROADEF, ROIS'13, ...


  • Some journals for which I acted as a referee.


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  • Selected publications

  • A complete list (PDF format, August 2017). See also LAAS data base (search for 'P.LOPEZ' in Authors).

  • Some hits from Google Scholar, DBLP, CSB.

  • Preprints of the TORO group (TORO means "Toulouse Operations Research & Optimization").

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