RObots et Systèmes Auto-adaptatifs Communiquants Embarqués
(RObots and self-adaptive Embedded Communicating Systems)
Fondation de Coopération Scientifique RTRA : Sciences et Technologies pour l’Aéronautique et l’Espace


The ROSACE project aims at studying and developing means to design, specify, implement and deploy a set of mobile autonomous communicating and cooperating robots with well-established properties particularly in terms of safety, self-healability, ability to achieve a set of missions and self-adaptation in a dynamic environment.

The project is focused on the associated software (models, algorithms and systems). We propose to address in a systematic and convergent approach the robotics software levels and the specific constraints imposed to the middleware level corresponding to the real-time embedded systems as well as network and inter-communication level management. ROSACE will bring together a strong research consortium composed of research teams from three laboratories (CERT-ONERA, IRIT and LAAS-CNRS,) for making real progress in this area : an active and central object - namely a fleet of cooperative robots - is critical for keeping the difficult and ambitious scientific and technical work well grounded in relevant realities and well focused on actual needs.

The consortium competences will be extended through the intervention of high-level scientists at the best international level who will be invited to contribute to this endeavour. Besides, we will also open a number of very attractive post-doc positions in order to enforce the local teams essentially on issues that require very focused and high qualification in order to tackle challenging questions.

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