Titre: Distributed System Engineering (DSE)

début: 1/1/2000 fin: 12/31/2001

Type: IST-1999-10302


The DSE Project aims at building-up a multi-layer architecture supporting Distributed Systems Engineering activities, enabling the collaborative design consolidation and review in large programmes involving many contractors, as well as the distributed verification of systems. To this end, the Project will integrate existing off-the-shelf Engineering Support Tools, Computer-Supported Collaborative Work solutions, Distributed Verification Database Applications, and Simulation capabilities. The DSE constituent products will use common services supporting distribution and application sharing, as based on international standards for tools interoperability and distributed simulation. The resulting system design will be developed in 2 Versions, incrementally achieving to validation in real industrial scenarios. OBJECTIVES 1. To Build-up an Environment for running Local Area Network & Wide Area Network based distributed engineering processes, to the benefit of industrial and professional organisations. 2. To develop a multi-layer architecture, with a generic infrastructure (for communications and groupware) and a users community specific layer, enabling data and application sharing among heterogeneous tools in use during the systems engineering life cycle. 3. To validate this environment, measuring the benefits for different user profiles and communities, and supporting processes re-engineering to take full advantage of collaborative paradigms. 4. To disseminate the results within industrial and professional organisations, aiming at supporting establishment of an international standard. 5. To exploit results through business planning and market analyses.

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