Titre: Collaborative Automotive Network

Keywords: High Performance Computing and Networking

Technical - High Performance Networking, ATM, Multimedia

Uses - Electronic System Design, Cooperative Work, Computer Aided Design, Distributed Design, Industrial Applications - Car Industry


The purpose of the project is to set up user experiments on the usage of computer supported collaborative working (CSCW) tools over an ATM wide area network in a distributed environment. The experiment is a user-driven trial which will involve leading edge automotive manufacturers and suppliers in a multi-site topology, using high performance communication services and applications. Some of the involved companies were early adopters of such advanced communications and development tools and are now willing to extend their expertise in this domain.

The objective is to qualify and to assess the viability of such advanced tools on both technical and economical standpoints through field trials involving real users in each industrial company : Renault and Siemens Automotive in 4 different locations. These field trials are now possible since ATM technology, services and products are becoming available and advanced collaborative working tools are being developed and tested.

The whole automotive business process is to be impacted by the results of the trial: impact on the decision-making process before launching a new vehicle, impact on experimenting best practices, impact on the time to market and the competitiveness of the European automotive industry, impact on the development costs of a new vehicle.

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