Autonomic Services in M2M Networks

A2NETS page at ITEA2 : https://itea3.org/project/a2nets.html

A2NETS web site : https://a2nets.erve.vtt.fi/

A2Nets project general goals are the following:

to apply autonomic computing and communication paradigms in the context of M2M networks to solve the complexity explosion problem to enable interoperability between different vertical domain M2M applications and services to enable totally novel smart M2M services via the interoperability to save resources by enabling use of horizontal and generic technical components in several different vertical domain M2M applications

The expected impact of the a2nets project is to:

boost the M2M market in general by facilitating technical interoperability between various vertical domain solutions create technical basis for solving the complexity explosion problem enable M2M device manufactures and service providers to make smarter, interoperable and autonomic products and services, that will live even in the future complex ecosystem create technical basis for totally novel smart and green M2M applications e.g. to make the modern ecosystem to save energy and nature for the general good of all the people