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MCSR (Minimal Causal and Set Representation) tool constructs, for a distributed computation, the minimal causal graph (IDR graph) at a single event level and a causal consistent compact graph (CAOS graph) at an event set level. For this, we use the Immediate Dependency Relation (IDR) and the Causal Order Set Abstraction (CAOS), respectively. Both resultant causal graphs drastically reduce the state-space of a system.

The MCSR receives adatabase of vector clocks as input, from which it automatically generates thefully-causal HBR original graph, the IDR graph, and the CAOS graph by us- ing graph transformation rules. It then implements two sets of rules: the "HBR2IDR" for the generation of the IDR graph and the "IDR2CAOS" for the generation of the CAOS graph.

The resultant causal graphs can be used for different purposes, such as for the design of more efficient algorithms, validation, verification, and/or the debugging of the existing ones, among others.

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