IEEE Control Systems Society
Technical Committee on
Computer-Aided Control System Design


The IEEE Control Systems Society Technical Committee on Computer Aided Control System Design (CACSD) was dedicated to providing focused information to researchers and practitioners who are interested in various aspects of CACSD. In particular the TC was responsible for organizing the IEEE CACSD Symposia. Several Action Groups were formed to coordinate the dissemination of CACSD related information.

Action Groups

Chaos Synchronization and Control
Chair: Sergej Celikovksy
Co-Chairs: Jamal Daafouz, Gilles Millerioux
Control Numerics and Software
Chair: Vasile Sima
Hybrid Dynamic Systems
Chair: Pieter J. Mosterman
Interval Methods for Control
Chair: Josep Vehi
Linear Matrix Inequalities in Control
Chair: Yoshio Ebihara
Co-Chair: Dimitri Peaucelle
Multidisciplinary System Simulation
Chair: Herman Mann
Polynomial Methods for Control System Design
Chair: Martin Hromcik
Probabilistic and Randomized Methods in Control
Chair: Fabrizio Dabbene
Co-Chair: Giuseppe Calafiore
Symbolic Methods for Control
Chair: Antonis Vardulakis
Co-Chair: Nikos Karampetakis
Teachware for CACSD
Chair: Christian Schmid

CACSD Symposia

  • History of previous symposia
  • Scope of CACSD by G. Grübel
  • Activity reports

  • October 2009
  • May 2009
  • December 2008
  • May 2008
  • December 2007
  • May 2007
  • December 2006
  • May 2006
  • December 2005
  • June 2005
  • December 2004
  • December 2003
  • June 2003
  • December 2002
  • May 2002
  • December 2001
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