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Hybrid Dynamic Systems
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To make the abundance of information more accessible, I tried to annotate items according to four categories: 
These items mainly pertain to modeling issues. This includes but is not limited to object-oriented models, physical semantics of hybrid models, automated, and compositional modeling.
These items mainly pertain to simulation. In hybrid simulation, a.o., issues of root-finding, event iteration, consistent restart conditions, and racing conditions are of importance.
These items mainly pertain to verification. These deal with model-checking for reachability, decidability, liveness, safety, and other constraints.
These items mainly pertain to specification. In other words, what language specification elements are required to describe hybrid system behavior, and, given these elements, how does the specification formalism translate to other formalisms.
Of course, this classification can be debated and if you would like to suggest another scheme, I am all ears. Note that I have not explicitly listed control as a category. Control is a very broad area in which we all are probably involved with, one way or another. However, many of the verification ideas and interests have a direct control background, and, therefore, much of the control issues you are looking for are marked with the verification tag, . 

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