Computer Aided Control System Design
Hybrid Dynamic Systems
Chair: Pieter J. Mosterman      
Control Systems Society

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Hybrid System Benchmarks

This page contains links to benchmark examples. Note that the links listed may point to benchmark pages not primarily designed for the hybrid dynamic systems community.


Simulation News Europe (SNE) features a series on comparisons of simulation software. Based on simple, easily comprehensible models special features of modelling and experimentation within simulation languages, also with respect to an application area, are compared.
The analog solver is the conceptual agent that finds solutions for the differential-algebraic equations of a VHDL 1076.1 model. This paper describes what the solver is required to do and how the execution of the solver is synchronized with the execution of ordinary VHDL processes.
To validate the quality of the modeling and simulation environment that is developed, a number of hybrid simulation features have been identified that need to be addressed. In conjunction, a small set of benchmark examples are designed to demonstrate proper handling of the phenomena.


The Verification of Hybrid Systems (VHS) contains a number of academic and industrial case studies to drive foundational and tool develoment efforts.



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