Students and PhDs

Proposed PhD and Master subjects (sujets de thèse, de stage M2R et de stage école ingénieur)

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  • M2R:
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  • PostDoc

Current PhD students

  • Arthur But-Monnot, on FAPE, planning and acting in Robotics. (2013-) Planning and Acting in Robotics
  • Thierry Sotiropoulos, on Testing navigation in simulated environment.(2014-)
  • Mohammed Foughali, on Validation and Verification of CPS (2015-)

Current Post Docs

Former Post Docs

  • Olivier Buffet works on the AGATA project (until 11/2007, he now has a position at INRIA Lorraine)
  • Charles Lesire works on AMAES (until 8/2007, he now has a position at ONERA)
  • Lavindra De Silva works on MARAE and GOAC

Former PhD students

  • Hung Cao (co-directed with Simon Lacroix) multi autonomous system (ACTION project). (2007-2010)
  • Assia Bellbachir (2/2011): A Cooperative Architecture for Target Localization using Underwater Vehicles.
  • Matthieu Gallien (3/2008): Planification et Exécution pour la Robotique Autonome (in French).
  • Benjamin Lussier (4/2007): Fault Tolerance in Autonomous Systems (in French).
  • Guillaume Infantes (10/2006): Learning Behaviour Models for execution control and planning in robotics (in French). Guillaume now has a position at ONERA.
  • Frederic Py (10/2005): Contrôle d'exécution dans une architecture hiérarchisée pour systèmes autonomes (in French). Frederic is now at MBARI, Monterey, CA, USA.
  • Solange Lemai Chenevier (6/2004): IxTeT-eXeC: planning, plan repair and execution control with time and resource management (in English). Solange's thesis has received the INPT Léopold Escande award. Solange has now a fulltime position at CNES, Toulouse, France.
  • Olivier Despouys (12/2000): An Architecture for Planning and Execution Control in Dynamic Environments (in French). Olivier's thesis was nominated for the INPT Léopold Escande award. He is now working for EDF.