Silvano Dal Zilio
CNRS Researcher. Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes (LAAS) - Groupe Vertics, Theme Informatique Crititque

Research topics:verification of concurrent and distributed systems; safety critical embedded systems; mobile and higher-order process calculi; global computation (mobile ambients); type systems and static analysis; programming languages for semi-structured data.

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Silvano Dal Zilio
LAAS - CNRS, Groupe OLC,
7 avenue du colonel Roche
F-31077 Toulouse, France.

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E-Mail: dalzilio [at] laas [dot] fr
Tel.: +33 (0)561 33 78 20;
Fax: +33 (0)561 33 64 11;
Tel. (secretary): +33 (0)561 33 62 55


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A complete list of publications is available here. See also my publications tracked by DBLP.



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Short Bio

Silvano Dal Zilio was born in France in 1971. He obtained his PhD from INRIA and the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis in 1999, and he holds a Master's Degree in computer science from École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, where he studied parallel programming and architecture. In 1993, he worked for one year on developing vision and learning algorithms for a smart retina for the French ministry of defence, then joined INRIA Sophia Antipolis for a PhD thesis on using mobile process calculi as a programming model.

In 1999, Silvano Dal Zilio joined the Programming Principles and Tools Group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge (UK) for two years. In 2001, he became a CNRS researcher, working at the Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale (LIF) in Marseille, and a member of the INRIA project MIMOSA. Since July 2007, Silvano is a CNRS researcher at LAAS in Toulouse.

Silvano Dal Zilio current research interests include the verification of concurrent and distributed systems, mobile and higher-order process calculi, global and mobile computation, logics and tools for programming with semi-structured data.

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