About me

I am a senior researcher at LAAS-CNRS, in Toulouse. My research interests include the formal verification of concurrent and distributed systems; methods and tools for checking the safety of critical embedded systems; concurrency semantics, and in particular mobile and higher-order process calculi; as well as type systems and static analysis.

I lead the Verification of Time Critical Systems (VERTICS) group, which develops new verification methods and tools for checking properties of critical systems having strong temporal and timing requirements.


  • Formal Methods
  • Model-Checking
  • Safety Critical Embedded Systems
  • Process Calculi


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Oct 20218 — Oct 2021.

In a perfect world, models would always be correct and verification tools would answer all our …


Dec 2015 — Apr 2019.

MOISE is a project on methods and tools for model-based collaborative system engineering (requirement …


March 2016 — Dec 2019.

Synapse is a project developping new technologies for Earth Observation space systems (smart programming …

Time-accurate Virtualization

May 2017 — Oct 2017.

This project is a direct collaboration with SCALIAN Eurogiciel to work on a middleware for communication …


Dec 2013 — Nov. 2016

Ingequip is a project on Methods and tools for equipment engineering (system-hardware-software co-design, …


Apr 2013 — Sep 2016.

BRiefcaSE is a basic research project that targets methods involved in the specification, validation and …


Oct 2008 — Dec 2011.

ITEmIS (Integrated Embedded Systems and Information Systems) is a project funded by ANR. The goal of the …


Apr 2009 — Nov 2012.

Quarteft (QUAlifiable Real TimE Fiacre Transformations) is a project funded by FNRAE, the Fondation de la …


Mar 2009 — Jun 2012.

CESAR stands for Cost-efficient methods and processes for safety relevant embedded systems; it is a …


Apr 2012 — Dec 2015.

The purpose of the openETCS project is to follow an open approach (Open Proofs and Open Source) for …


Sep 2006 — Nov 2009.

SPICES is a EUREKA-ITEA project on Support for Predictable Integration of mission Critical Embedded Systems …


Sep 2006 — Nov 2009.

Topcased, Toolkit in OPen-source for Critical Application SystEms Development, is a project funded by …


Mar 2006 — Dec 2008.

COPS (Composition des politiques et des services / Composition of Services and Policies) is an ANR funded …


Nov 2004 — Feb 2008.

TraLaLA, XML Transformation Languages: logic and applications, is a project funded by ACI MASSES DE …


Sep 2003 — Dec 2006.

CRISS, (Contrôle de Ressources et d’Interférence dans les Systèmes Synchrones) is a French project of …

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