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Ligne 305: Ligne 305:
 discutions sur le problèmes de synchro: https://​github.com/​anqixu/​ueye_cam/​issues/​37 discutions sur le problèmes de synchro: https://​github.com/​anqixu/​ueye_cam/​issues/​37
 +=====Known issues=====
 +===Unstable stream using the ROS node===
 +Using the ueye_cam node for stereo acquisition,​ the stream from the cameras can become unstable and the following error message shows:
 +  [ERROR] [xxx.xxx]: Timed out while acquiring image from [stereo/​right] (IS_TIMED_OUT)
 +  [ERROR] [xxx.xxx]: If this is occurring frequently, see https://​github.com/​anqixu/​ueye_cam/​issues/​6#​issuecomment-49925549
 +To re-establish the stream, disconnect and reconnect the camera that causes the message (right camera in example above).
 +This problem could come from high CPU load, but the cause remains unclear. A step towards fixing this issue is to follow indications from the README file distributed with ueye drivers:
 +  USB3 performance issues: High cpu load may lead to usb transfer fails.
 +    They possibly can be reduced by:
 +     * Increasing the daemon priority by reducing the NICEVALUE in /​etc/​init.d/​ueyeusbdrc .
 +     * Increasing the number of pending usb requests with the following configuration of
 +       /​usr/​local/​share/​ueye/​ueyeusbd/​ueyeusbd.conf:​
 +          [Parameters]
 +          NumRequestsStr = 40 ;
 +... and use ''​cpu-freqset''​ to put the CPU in performance mode:
 +  sudo cpufreq-set -r --governor performance
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