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I selected logic omap 35xx reference board and I get an error on:

arch/arm/kernel/process.c:154:23: error: macro “ledtrig_idle_state” passed = 1 arguments, but takes just 0

while compiling the kernel :(

same error if I run ./tlib -c to ignore errors….

Hmm, first I'd have to ask what plaform I assume torpedo. What and config was selected? Send me config/platform/omap3_torpedo/.config so I can use that to replicate the issue here.

As a quick hack, do “./ltib -p kernel -m prep” to get the kernel source in rpm/BUILD/linux-2.6.28-rc8, then comment out the invocation of ledtrig_idle_state in RPM/build/linux-2.6.28-rc8/arch/arm/kernel/process.c, and then rebuild/deploy the kernel (by “./ltib -p kernel -m scbuild && ./ltib -p kernel -m scdeploy).

That should get you past the stubmling block - I'll have to dig through the Torpedo kernel config and figure out what's borked.

– Peter Barada peter@the-baradas.com

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