Design of an Embedded Arm for Aerial Hooking




The goal of this master thesis project is to design and develop a mechatronic solution for the implementation of an aerial vehicle equipped with a rotating arm, and capable of hooking at a horizontal ladder. Two main parts of the system shall be investigated and developed:
∞ The actuated joint between the aerial vehicle and the attached arm
∞ The end effector of the arm, able to hook/grasp an bar and rotate around it
The following approach will be employed to do so:
∞ Review of the possible solutions
∞ Optimization of a parametric design
∞ Development of an/several experimental prototype(s)


∞ Study in the field of mechanical/mechatronics engineering in particular in the conception, design, and realization fields
∞ A strong background in design of mechanical systems and robotics
∞ Modeling skills in CAD software, with design evaluation (by simulation and experiment)
∞ Motivation to work in an interdisciplinary project and inter-laboratory environment
∞ Good English skills


In order to apply, please send an e-mail to including:
1) your CV;
2) your Ms transcripts,
3) your Bs transcripts, and
4) the mail tag [mtp-AerialArmHook] in the subject of the e-mail

A complete description of the project is given in this flyer.